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At the heart of exceptional healthcare lies Good Medical Practice—a foundational framework that guarantees safe, ethical, and person-centered medical care. This framework outlines the professional conduct expected of healthcare providers, shaping the way they engage with patients, peers, and the healthcare system at large. Adherence to good medical practice not only safeguards the welfare of patients but also fortifies the reputation and trustworthiness of the medical profession.

In this blog, we are diving into the evolving nature of Good Medical Practice, emphasising its importance, watching its progression, and examining the latest updates for 2024. These updates have been around since January 30th 2024, and it's important to know what they are and what they mean.

Good Medical Practice

In the United Kingdom, the General Medical Council (GMC) holds the esteemed role of regulating medical standards and charting the course for good medical practice among doctors. The GMC's directives outline the ethical and professional benchmarks that doctors must meet, thus assuring that medical services across the UK are consistently delivered at the highest level. This expectation spans all medical practitioners, irrespective of their specialty or career stage, and will soon encompass physician associates and anaesthesia associates under GMC oversight.

Patients must be able to trust medical professionals with their lives and health. To justify that trust, you must make the care of patients your first concern, and meet the standards expected of you in all four domains.

1. Knowledge, skills, and development

As a healthcare practitioner, you must provide a good standard of practice and care, and work within your competence. Also, you must continuously update and expand your medical knowledge and skills. Staying informed about the latest advancements and embracing the best medicine practices are essential to meeting the evolving needs of patient care. Ensuring that your expertise keeps pace with medical progress helps guarantee that the care you provide is always of the highest quality.

2. Patients, partnership, and communication

Communication is the lifeblood of healthcare. Respecting each patient's dignity and recognising their individuality is paramount. Listening attentively and collaborating with patients to ensure they are well informed and involved in their care decisions is essential. Additionally, safeguarding patients' privacy and ensuring the confidentiality of their personal information is a fundamental responsibility.

3. Colleagues, culture and safety

 You must collaborate seamlessly with your colleagues, ready to step up as a leader or provide support as a team member, to ensure optimal patient care. Sharing your knowledge and expertise through teaching or mentoring can significantly benefit your peers. Cultivating a respectful and supportive work environment is essential, where everyone can openly discuss concerns and learn from errors without fear. Should there be any threat to patient safety or dignity, prompt intervention is your responsibility. Remember also to prioritise your own health and well-being, as this directly influences your capacity to provide safe and competent care. 

4. Trust and professionalism

As a member of the healthcare community, you must maintain trust and professionalism. You must act with honesty and integrity, readily acknowledging and rectifying any mistakes. Your role involves safeguarding and enhancing the health of both patients and the broader public. All forms of unfair discrimination against patients or colleagues should be strictly avoided. It's also vital to honour the trust placed in you by patients and the public, ensuring that you never exploit it and consistently reflect the high standards expected of your profession.

What has changed?

The 2024 edition of Good Medical Practice introduces updates that underscore behaviours and values conducive to effective teamwork and a culture where raising concerns is normalised, thereby empowering doctors to provide exceptional care. The revisions focus on:

  • Making the care of patients the first concern.
  • Providing a good standard of practice and care, and working within competence.
  • Working in partnership with patients and supporting them to make informed decisions about their care.
  • Treating colleagues with respect helps create an environment that is compassionate, supportive and fair.
  • Acting with honesty and integrity and being open if things go wrong.
  • Protecting and promoting the health of patients and the public

As a GMC-registered medical doctor, you no doubt have a grounding in good medical practice. Nevertheless, the GMC website offers a comprehensive list of the latest updates. 


Ultimately, Good Medical Practice is vital for the delivery of healthcare that is safe, effective and centred around the patient's needs within the UK's health sector. It prescribes explicit standards and guidance for doctors, underscoring the critical nature of professionalism, competence, and ethical practice.

The 2024 updates to Good Medical Practice mirror the progressive trajectory of healthcare and strive to cultivate an environment marked by respect, equity, and inclusion in medical settings. By embracing these revised standards, healthcare professionals not only maintain high-quality care but also reinforce the medical profession's integrity.

Staying abreast of these developments is crucial to ensuring compliance with the most current standards. By doing so, you contribute to the relentless enhancement of healthcare delivery, ensuring superior outcomes for your patients.

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