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Whether you're an orthopedic surgeon, cardiologist, dermatologist, or any other specialist, our extensive network and expertise ensure that we can find the perfect match for your skills and aspirations
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Total Job Flexibility for Physicians

When you work with Verovian Medical Agency, you choose when, where, and how often you work. Through our Medical jobs app, you have direct access to thousands of shifts in hospitals and clinics right at your fingertips.

Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon

11:00 - 17:00


11:00 - 17:00



The Registration Documents We Require From You

With over 10 years experience, we know healthcare profession. Your dedicated consultant supports you at every step of the journey.

Proof of Personal Identity

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Proof of eligibility to work in the UK

This includes passport, work visas or nationality card.

Professional qualification

University certificates and training certificates

Occupational Health Certificates

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Work Reference

Full details of two professional references who have worked with you directly in the past 2 years (or more recently, where applicable)

Background Checks

We will carry out Enhanced DBS or PVG checks according to the UK employer. Get in touch for further details.

We work to your requirements

Verovian Medical Agency works to a high recruitment standard to give our specialist physicians multiple options in their career journey
Locum Tenens
Permanent Work


We are dedicated to connecting you with exceptional locum tenens opportunities that offer unparalleled advantages. Step into a world of limitless opportunity. Experience the freedom to control your schedule, choose assignments that align with your interests, and explore diverse practice settings across the country. Whether you're seeking work-life balance, supplemental income, or the chance to expand your clinical expertise, locum tenens is the perfect avenue.

Travel Positions

Verovian Recruitment Agency connects specialist physicians with exciting travel assignments within the UK. Imagine the thrill of working in stunning locations across the nation, from the bustling cityscapes to the serene coastal towns, and everything in between. Whether you're seeking to experience the vibrant culture of New York City, the majestic landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, or the laid-back charm of coastal California, we have the perfect travel assignments for you. Embrace the freedom to discover new places, broaden your professional horizons, and make a positive impact on diverse patient populations. Let us be your trusted partner, providing rewarding travel opportunities that combine your passion for medicine with the joy of exploring the incredible landscapes and vibrant communities within our great nation.
Verovian Pharmacy USA for Texas, NewYork Staffing recruitment agency

Permanent Work

Experience the benefits of focusing your expertise, building strong patient relationships, and making a significant impact within a cohesive team. Enjoy the advantages of continuity of care, the ability to develop specialized programs, and the opportunity to collaborate closely with colleagues who share your passion and vision. If you are at a stage in your career when you are ready to create a lasting legacy, shape the future of your specialty, and cultivate a fulfilling and rewarding career, get in touch with us. Let us guide you towards a practice that aligns with your goals and values, and where you can truly excel as a specialist physician.
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Colleague Practice FAQ?

Put your contact list to work. Earn £200 for every successful* referral
Send us your colleague details or ask them to register with our agency. You will receive a bonus fee for every successful referral. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make.

How well do I need to know my colleague I intend to refer?

A: Well enough to ask the colleague to ring us or pass on their contact details for us to get in touch with them

Should I feel bad for receiving reward by referring a colleague?

A: No, You are helping them source a position best suited for them and introducing them to work for us in an organisation that best suits them. It is a win-win situation. If it makes you feel any better, you can opt to share your reward with them

Is there a limit to the number of referral bonus I can get?

NO. Refer as many colleague as you can and as soon as they are placed, and they complete their minimum time, you will be rewarded with your bonus fee for EACH of them.

When will I receive my bonus reward?

A: As soon as they are placed, and they complete their minimum time, you will be rewarded with your bonus fee for EACH of them.

How do I refer a friend?

A: You may complete the ‘Complete a referral form’ here or send an email to [email protected]

What if I refer a practice looking for a locum?

A: You will also receive a bonus fee for every successful referral for a practice or store. Get in touch with us today for details


Do you need to send a reference to us?
Ask your referee to complete this form here
Medical Professional REFERENCE FORM

Enhanced DBS Check

Apply for your background check. Complete the link below once you have sent an application through.

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Locum Shifts
Temp / Contract Positions
Permanent Employment

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Verovian consultancy provides recruitment solutions both for NHS and healthcare clients and candidates to find the perfect fit for both parties throughout the United Kingdom. We cover permanent, contract and temporary roles, so call us or email us now to fulfil your requirements in all sectors throughout the UK.


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